Resolutions for 2020

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I do not really “celebrate” New Years. I do not see a big difference in changing some numbers. The peer pressure however is really big and succumb to it - including all the rituals that come along - so here are my resolutions for 2020:

Programming: This month I signed up for Code Wars - a platform for solving programming challenges (Katas). There are two main reasons for me doing this:

a) I enjoy such programming challenges. I did TopCoder for some time and participated in some programming competitions starting already in school. I am not an expert but consider myself above average participant. The tasks are rather short and ask you to apply different algorithms, data structures, etc. to come up with a solution

b) At work I am more and more drifting away from pure engineering tasks - hopefully not a victim of the Dilbert principle - and I’d like to stay sharp in this area so I’d try this way

How to measure this goal: here you can see the current state and my goals. While all the metrics are affecting each other, the target here is to cover all of them. I’d have to think about the last two as these are moving targets - I’d lose positions on the leaderboard if I am not active enough

  Current Goal
Rank 6 kyu 4 kyu
Honor 267 400
Leaderboard Position #82,868 #70,000
Honor Percentile Top 45.993% Top 33.333%

Career: Advance in this area. My main focus is successfully delivering products and leading a team. A word of warning here - this one is of course depending on some external influences but the goal is scoped to what is under my control, the rest is out of reach.

How to measure this goal: share the experiences here

Family time: This one is simple and has the highest priority - I’d like to spend more quality time with my family. This includes supporting my wife’s studies, being the best father, spending more time with my parents. Also included in this are close friends.

How to measure this goal: unsure, thinking about just asking for feedback

Travel: Travel to another country. This should be rather easy as any country and any ‘reason’ will count. Note to self: might produce a good combo with the one above.

How to measure this goal: write a post with some nice photos

Projects: Launch at least 2 projects. One of them is already reaching end phase of the MVP. Note to self: I really have to review this pending PR…

How to measure this goal: write posts about those

Write: Write 6 blog posts.

How to measure this goal: rather obvious

Sports: I’d like to start (again) doing more sports. I am not completely not sporty but the last streak (which I define as 3+ months) of sticking to some kind of physical activity lies about 2 years in the past. I do some exercises during the week but nothing where I’d see a huge benefit.

How to measure this goal: be able to do 100 push-ups in a day, run 5 km in 30 minutes without having to “give everything”

Event: visit some public event. I am considering 3 options for now: a concert of a favorite band, a poker tournament or a MotoGP race

How to measure this goal: write a post about this

I am pretty sure that I’ll discover new goals during the year but the ones above represent a good starting point.

I wish you all the best for 2020!